Stability of Contributions


The best performance from an insurance company is of no use if the premiums are no longer affordable. We are therefore pleased that our group contracts for international health insurance offer no changes in most cases, or minor premium adjustments. The waiver of age-related premium increases in the tariff also contributes to the affordability of the E.I.C. Insurance solution.

Having your own health insurance is perhaps the most important precaution you can undertake, and this does not only apply to Expats. When we look at the current corona pandemic in particular, we understand that it makes many people aware of how quickly we can resort to the need of medical care. In these circumstances we all want the best possible medical care. However, the best care also has its price and, in most cases, the price we pay is a lot more than your account balance can manage. A good health insurance therefore offers the security of always being able to fall back on the best possible care in the event of an emergency, without being restricted by your own financial capacity.

Nonetheless, health insurance must also remain affordable in the long run. Tariffs with heavily age-dependent contributions are common on an international scale. This is not an issue at a younger age, considering that you benefit from the favourable contributions for 20 or 30 year olds. However, if you happen to stay abroad for a longer period of time due to adjustments in your lifestyle, have started a family or due to success within your career, age-related contributions quickly become a major disadvantage. Between the ages of 20 to 30 and 50 to 60, contributions to your health insurance often double. In addition to the increase in tariffs, there are general as well as inflation-related premium increases. If you then come to an age in which your own insurance coverage becomes more and more important due to the increasing number of health issues, the contributions (especially for families) often reach a level that can no longer be maintained due to price,  and most times the only way out is to consider the most important aspects in life and to abstain from the benefits of private insurance.

In our group contracts for international health insurance with Globality Health, we have therefore agreed to having one age group for adults and no tariff-related increases.

In the group contract with Barmenia, we only differentiate between adults under and over 50 years of age. You can therefore rely on affordable insurance cover in the long term. In addition, this year the general and inflation-related adjustments to premiums for our customers are once again, very small and below average of the market standard. The following alterations will be necessary this year:

  • No changes to Barmenia
  • Foyer Global Health has an adjustment of 4%
  • Globality Health has an adjustment of 5%

So stay informed and check your health insurance cover remains affordable in the long term. We are happy to support you and can help by offering non-committal health insurance comparison offers.

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