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Insurance Solutions – Tailored on the Needs of Global Citizens.

Our Range of Services

All services provided by E.I.C. are completely tailored to the needs of our customers. While from here in Germany we advise our customers by phone, Skype, shared desktop and e-mail, also we travel regularly abroad in order to visit our clients and counsel them in person. This is the only way we can ensure that we remain informed about current developments in the countries of residence and can offer tailor-made coverage policies according to the local needs. Our depth knowledge of the social insurance policies of the countries of origin, as well as numerous special agreements and our own insurance solutions, enable us to ensure that even in the event of longterm activities abroad, no entitlements to social insurances get lost in the shuffle and/or can be replaced and supplemented by private insurances. We regularly hold workshops on these topics, offering you the opportunity to find out all you need to know about the requirements for adequate coverage.

Term Life Insurance

Liability Insurance

Accident Insurance

Health Insurance

Occupational Disability Insurance

Old Age Provision

Our History

Experience since the 1970s

Merger with the Milkereit Group in 2018

Our Team

Alexander Milkereit



Tim Penopp

Head of Sales

Annika Rosellen

Head of Support

Martin Nzenga

Head Account Executive

Celia Oehmen

Office Assistant

Detlef Milkereit



FAQ’s for Expats

Welcome to your new Workplace!

You have taken the plunge and now you face the challenges of your new job abroad. Whether you find yourself in Asia, America or Australia, we know the huge challenge that a new life abroad brings. In addition to looking for a school and a flat, you need to find out which changes affect the employment contract and what consequences the move will have on your taxes.
The crucial question is how best to protect yourself from the greatest risks abroad and beyond. Health and performance are the most important things – especially when projects depend heavily on one‘s own person. If you should fall ill, it is even more important to know that you will get the best possible care, no matter where you are. But even the cultural and legal peculiarities of your new host country can quickly become major challenges. With our many years of experience and close contact with our partners, we – EIC Expatriates Insurance Consulting – provide tailor-made advice and will be happy to guide you on your journey. Our service includes ongoing consultation on all security issues, support in the event of damage, and the adjustment of your insurance coverage to new circumstances.
In addition to our regular trips to offer consultations on site, where we are always […] available for personal discussions, we can offer advice on all communication channels.

Indispensable for any longer stay abroad is an international health insurance with comprehensive coverage. The tariffs offered on the market vary strongly and differ significantly in what they cover. You might already be familiar with European health insurance systems, with nationwide access to doctors, hospitals and rehab facilities, as well as (almost) complete insurance coverage with no limits on insured sums. Naturally, one does not want to give up this standard. For this reason, we attach great importance to the fact that the health insurance concepts offered by us correspond to the European and above all to the German standard. Therefore, to be able to distinguish high-quality protection from mediocre and patchy protection, you should consider each offer for the following:

• No aggregate limit on insurance benefits
• 24-hour worldwide assistance services
• Waiver of waiting times
• Free choice of doctor and hospital
• Direct Billing

Health Insurance

For international health insurance, we have set-up cooperations with numerous renowned insurance companies. With our group and framework contracts, we offer exclusive services and conditions. For us, however, the focus is on tailored, high-quality and comprehensive insurance protection for you and your relatives. With our offers you can always rely on the following services:

  • Waive of annual limits
  • Freedom of choice for treating doctors and hospitals
  • Co-insurance of Spouses and children possible
  • Insurance coverage valid worldwide, as well for stopovers in the home country or travels to the US.
  • Direct billing option for costly treatments and inpatient hospital stays
  • Unlimited validity (standard and top-tariffs)
  • Comprehensive coverage for outpatient and inpatient treatment, return transport to your home country for serious illnesses, dental treatment and replacement (standard- and top-tariffs) as well as pregnancy and childbirth (top tariffs)

Our Tariffs


territorial validityworldwide or worldwide excluding USAworldwide or worldwide excluding USAworldwide or worldwide excluding USA
time limitationunlimitedunlimitedunlimited

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FAQ’s for Impats

Welcome to Germany!

First of all we would like to welcome you to Germany and we hope you will enjoy your time here. We know that moving to a foreign country is a huge challenge – but we are convinced that it pays off. Getting to know a new culture and new and exiting personalities will broaden your horizon and let you gain new experiences. Your host country – Germany – is a well-organized, modern country with a rich historical heritage and great regional diversity.

Still, some aspects of German life might seem to be confusing or even weird to you. For these cases it is helpful to have a domestic guide on your side, helping you to get along with these weirdnesses. For all insurance questions we would like to gladly offer our services as your personal guide.

We – E.I.C. Expatriate Insurance Consulting – are an independent insurance broker with many years of experience in serving international clients. We are offering taylor made solutions in almost any insurance area fitting to your and maybe your families personal needs. Our service comprises the whole quotation and contracting process as well as claims handling and ongoing advice at all stages of life.

Germany has an excellent healthcare system, offering state-of-the-art treatments, great access to doctors, specialists, dentists and hospitals as well as a mandatory health insurance system with comprehensive coverage.

On the other hand, even for Germans, finding a suitable health insurance provider is a complicated task. More than 100 public health insurance funds are accessable in Germany and if you match certain criteria you even have the option to opt out of the public health insurance system and join the private health insurance – offered by again more than 30 private health insurance companies.

Anyway don’t worry. Although our experience shows that finding the perfect matching health insurance is a challenging and very individual task. We will be on your side with deciding which health insurance system – public or private – fits best to your personal needs and future plans as well as with choosing the ideal provider and tariff for you.


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