The world policy – optimal healthcare abroad

Together with the Barmenia health insurance, E.I.C. create a framework agreement with the world policy to protect individuals and their families. Here is all the information:
For many years, Barmenia health insurance has been a reliable partner in international and global health insurance for many companies and their employees. In particular, the extraordinarily high range of services and the fast service with extensive assistance for illnesses abroad convinced numerous customers. So far, the only problem has been that at least 10 employees working abroad were required to set up a world policy.
This is now a thing of the past; for the first time, Barmenia offers the E.I.C. – Expatriates Insurance Consulting provides coverage for individuals and their families abroad. We are very happy to have created this new opportunity for international coverage. Even for smaller companies with only a few employees, we can now offer Barmenia its own framework agreements with contributions that are individually tailored to the country of residence.

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