Renewal – Time to review your health insurance

Think about your renewal

Group health insurance policies for employees working abroad are usually reviewed by the insurer at the end of a calendar year. This often leads to an increase in premiums. We recommend that you compare alternatives in good time: As independant insurance brokers, we – at E.I.C. – have access to almost the whole international insurance market and can offer best available coverage and advice

In the long run, every insurance company must earn the money it spends. Group health insurances as well as the collective insured with an individual contracts are therefore regularly reviewed for profitability. At the end of each insurance year, a calculation is made by the insurance company to determine how much the claims expenses of an insured group were in relation to the premiums paid. If the costs were higher than the income, an increase in premiums or a deductible paid by the insured persons is usually negotiated with the policyholder. Factors that influence an increased cost can be an expensive health care system, but also high treatment costs for individual people within an insured group.  

The policyholder has an extraordinary right to termination of the policy in the event of a premium increase. It is reasonable to obtain alternative offers in good time. Contact us for comparing the offers available on the international insurance market and find an affordable insurance fitting to your needs. 

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