Employer’s duty of care abroad

Employees who are sent abroad are entitled to health insurance from their employer. A simple travel insurance is not enough! Employers should inform themselves. We are able to provide you with best advice on the international insurance market.

Due to the increasing internationalization of business life, more and more workers are becoming internationally mobile. This means that employers must correctly assess the risks to which their employees are exposed abroad: companies must be able to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the employee. The employer not only has a legal duty of care, but also a moral and social obligation towards his employee. Many countries have enacted laws that regulate this duty of care.

Employers must be aware that their obligations towards employees abroad are even greater than those they have towards employees in their home country. A simple travel insurance policy is not enough! Employers should inform themselves: We and our network of partners from the areas legal, tax, risk- and security consultancy would be glad to provide you and your staff with best advice and coverage for stays abroad

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