E.I.C. gives first lecture in Taicang

On 03.09.2019 the E.I.C. the opportunity to hold a seminar with the AHK Greater China on the subject of insurance needs for expatriates in China.

The seminar entitled: “Completely Covered? Insurance for Expatriates in China” took place in the German Center in Taicang. The relatively small city is located in the province of Jiangsu in the east of the People’s Republic of China, around 48 kilometers northwest of the center of Shanghai. In 2011, the population was just under 1,000,000 people.

Ten representatives, above all HR managers, from eight international companies informed themselves about the requirements for optimal and comprehensive protection of their expats abroad.
The lecture highlighted the differences between the German and Chinese social security systems and the resulting safeguards needed by an employee working abroad and his family. In addition to comprehensive international health insurance, liability, household contents and accident insurance are particularly important abroad.

Companies have to constantly adapt to new market conditions, especially in today’s globalized economy. It is increasingly common for companies to operate across borders.
How and with what professionalism companies take up their foreign engagement can be very different.

Corporations such as VW or Thyssenkrupp offer their expats comprehensive services that can range from finding accommodation to childcare to comprehensive insurance packages.

For smaller medium-sized companies, the whole thing looks different. Here, often only a few people are responsible for organizing employee assignments abroad and often feel that they have overlooked something.

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